A program that combines agriculture with new technologies

Have you ever heard of « agricultural big data »? If concepts like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, data analytics, data visualization and blockchain technology get your pulse racing, then the Master of Science Agricultural and Food Data Management is the perfect program for you!

For the past few years, connected devices such as drones, satellites, tablets and smartphones have flooded the agricultural industry and food industry. They are used to manage massive flows of information and develop new methods for data storage, management, optimization, processing and visualization.

These days, all sectors of the agricultural industry have been influenced by these developments. The « agricultural digital revolution » referred to by Jean-Marie Séronie in his book is nothing new: « The agronomy and food sectors have always produced data, » explains Salima Taïbi, Head of the Master’s in Agricultural & Food Data Management. « In the last century these figures were used to develop sophisticated statistical methods that are now widely used in all fields. »

A rapidly changing sector frustrated by a lack of expertise

Although the application of new technologies to agriculture has become the norm, there is a clear lack of expertise in the sector. And what’s more, the profession is grappling with a shortage of labor, despite high rates of employability and high wages for graduates. « The opportunities offered by digital technologies represent a major asset that will underpin the successful transformation of our professions, » explains Anne Picot, DataLab Manager for the company MixScience. « That’s the key strength of this MSc program. We are really lacking people with expertise in zootechnics and data! »

To meet the growing demands of companies, UniLaSalle is launching a Master of Science Agricultural & Food Data Management this year: « The aim of this program is to train up data scientists for the agricultural and food industries who will be skilled in exploring and analyzing data. »

The first students will join the program at the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year, and companies are already showing a great deal of interest.

Interested in joining the Master’s?

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