Rouen edition of « Pint of Science » focuses on digital technologies

UniLaSalle and CESI inaugurated the first Rouen edition of the « Pint of Science » festival by exploring the use of digital technologies in the food sector and in industry.

This year, thousands of participants gathered at venues across the world for the Pint of Science festival. In Rouen. The event drew a crowd of around fifty people to the Euro Café on May 15 and 16.

For an hour, Salima Taïbi, head of the Master of Science in Agricultural Food & Data Management, and her counterpart at CESI presented their latest research, while their audience, sitting comfortably and sipping a cool drink, listened to what they had to say. « Digitization and new technologies are now part of the day-to-day experience of agriculture professionals, who juggle with a range of smart objects like drones, satellites and tablets, » explains Salima Taïbi. « That raises a host of questions: Are we witnessing a transformational change in these professions because of these new tools? What contribution do they make to day-to-day tasks? How are industries and the agricultural sector approaching the digital turn? »

Improving work flows

In the audience, hands were raised, either to voice an opinion or to ask for further explanations. New digital technologies and data collection techniques give rise to a number of concerns, but these were soon swept aside by Salima as she reiterated their potential: « They will also help improve work flows, making them less tedious and more convenient, and contribute to a more sustainable approach to agriculture – if we use them prudently and at the right moment. »

To the question « Are we sufficiently prepared? » Salima answered: « Yes, but we need to act now, fast, as the digital turn has begun and things are moving quickly! It’s not just about pressing a button; we need a thorough understanding of things. We need to train people, providing them with expertise in IT and statistics applied to agriculture. And that’s exactly what we are doing with the Master of Science in Agricultural & Food Data Management.« 

On July 3, UniLaSalle Rouen will be hosting the « Dat’Agricole » seminar, organized by the Pôle TES, the Normandy Regional Chamber of Agriculture and the University of Caen Normandy. Salima Taïbi will be speaking about the value of agricultural data. More information.

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