Students who are creative and communicators!

This year, the program offered in partnership with École de Management de Normandie aims to develop students’ creativity through challenges. 

« We are training students to become the communicators of tomorrow », explains Tarek Abid, Head of the MS, « If they want to be able to sell to corporate groups, MCIPA MS students will have to demonstrate innovativeness and creativity in the way they approach their different projects ».

Communicators specializing in the food industry

There are no end of projects linked to this Advanced Master’s, and students are encouraged to brainstorm with the professionals teaching on the course before setting out on their own. « This Master’s has been running for over 10 years and has its place in the Marketing and Technical course offering » continues Tarek Abid, « This year, we plan to draw on the program’s Alumni network to develop a number of projects involving both digital technologies and visual communication, as it is crucial for students to grasp these tools, which are essential for communicators today, and master them by the end of their course! ».

Boosted by various profiles (Agronomy Engineers or Business students) or students from different parts of the world, mixed teams will be formed to drive each proposed project. Last year, students left their mark by producing a series of videos parodying the Konbini series, which was very popular on social media! This year, the challenge will focus on food waste and CSR, or how to avoid loss of products by recovering them for food aid channels.

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