UniLaSalle welcomes the first MSc Agricultural Food & Data Management intake!

UniLaSalle Rouen has welcomed the first Master of Science Agricultural Food & Data Management intake this year. A dozen French and international students have been accepted on this course, which combines digital technologies with agricultural engineering*. « The very rapid development of digital technologies means the emergence of new approaches to agriculture, requiring new skills. The aim of the Master of Science is to train data scientists for the agricultural and food industries », explains Salima Taïbi, Head of the Master’s.

This course should therefore meet the needs of companies in this sector that are grappling with a shortage of labor, despite high rates of employability and high wages for graduates.

A very internationally-focused Master’s program

Taught in both English and French, the Master’s will be in line with Rouen campus’s internationalization strategy. It lasts 18 months and will alternate between internships and classes given by sector professionals. On graduation, the trained engineers will be able to take up Data Scientist-Data Miner, Business Analyst, Epidemiologist (animal and plant), Agronomy Research Leader or Agricultural Machinery Designer positions.

This Master’s will broaden the high school graduate to Master’s level course offering on the Rouen campus: MSc Urban Agriculture & Green Cities, Advanced Master’s in Food Marketing, Communication and Engineering (in partnership with Normandy Business School) and the Master’s in Bioscience, Plant Science, Eco-Production and Bio-Valorization (Ecobiovalo) (in partnership with the Universities of Rouen and Caen).

* The program that covers digital technologies in agriculture has welcomed a dozen French and international students

Willy’s testimonial

« I chose the Master of Science Agricultural Food & Data Management because I’d like to work in an alternative agricultural world. The arrival of digital technologies in the agricultural sector (agriculture, food, etc.) has generated a significant amount of data that should be taken into account. This data needs to be used to create new models. And to create these models, you need to be able to analyze and manage this agricultural data. These are the skills I hope to gain from such a course. Digital technologies will create new approaches in the agricultural sector and I want to be ready for this.

Assisting developing countries (like those on the African continent) with their digital transition in the agricultural sector is something that really interests me. And I fully intend to get involved ».


Estelle’s testimonial


« I chose to join the UniLaSalle Master of Science program because it focuses on building an agriculture for tomorrow. For me, the courses on various Data areas give me the opportunity to build on my skills and also acquire practical knowledge linked to developing and managing new technologies applied, in particular, to farming. In addition, the option of studying for this Master’s via a professional training contract provides initial vocational experience, making it easier to join the workforce in the future ».


For more informationshttps://www.unilasalle.fr/formations/masters-ms-et-msc/msc-agricultural-and-food-data-management/

Contact : Salima Taïbi, Head of the Master – salima.taibi@unilasalle.fr

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