Interview: Adrien Gauthier, i-SAFE Program Coordinator


Adrien Gauthier, Program Coordinator, shares information and advice about the program.

What is the aim of the i-SAFE program?

Its aim is to train responsible and committed engineers in agronomy, food and agro-industries, who are able to adapt to new environmental, sustainable and economic requirements with an international outlook.

Which subjects are taught? What about internships? 

The subjects taught are based on five key themes – the study of living systems, production and quality systems (food), management and leadership (ability to adapt and assimilate information, interpersonal and speaking skills, etc.), entrepreneurship and innovation, and understanding how a business works and how it fits into the grand scheme of things thanks to more than 10 months of company assignments.

What level of English is required to take this course? 

You must be able to follow a conversation and interact in English without any difficulty to be enrolled in this program (Level B2 is recommended).

Why choose this course? 

The UniLaSalle i-SAFE program is the first engineering program in life sciences in France to be taught entirely in English. It aims at training students capable of addressing the challenges faced by global agriculture – climate change, agroecology, digital transformation, and sustainable development.

What are the advantages of this course? 

Thanks to learner-centered teaching, students get involved in the learning process. Small class sizes mean we are able to offer personalized support and innovative teaching methods. Students get exposed to a variety of international and intercultural exposures through study trips in Europe, long term internships, 2 semester exchanges on the 4 continents and even the possibility of double degree program in prestigious universities

Who is the program for?

International students living abroad or in France and French students, who are really committed to an international career. Motivated people who are interested in helping the agricultural and food industries address these new challenges. Holders of the French baccalauréat (stream S, life sciences major) with a good level of English (B2).

What kind of career will it lead to?

This course provides many career opportunities as it trains general and multi-skilled/versatile life science engineers. Our international engineers can seek jobs in fields related to agronomy, food, agricultural equipment or business management, entrepreneurship and marketing. We have a career center and a strong alumni network helping the students to placements and jobs all over the world.

What is student life like on campus? 

The Rouen campus is close to both the university campus and Rouen city center. It has an international outlook thanks to two Master’s of Science (Urban Agriculture and Big Data), which are already taught in English. It offers a wide variety of accommodations (university and private residences) close to campus, and sports and cultural facilities (university sports department and 8 free museums, concerts, etc.).

What advice would you give to a future i-SAFE student?

Be an ambassador as well as a pioneer and grasp this incredible opportunity to study in an multicultural environment and discover hands-on the wide variety of agricultural and food systems in the world. To make the very most of it. It is a real opportunity in the European higher education landscape!



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