Thoughts from the international recruiter Anthony Voisine

Which countries did you visit this year? 

I met students in almost 12 countries and 45 countries have been visited by the various teams between 2018 and 2019. This year was full of worldwide meetings and UniLaSalle is becoming a more and more international-oriented school.   

What are the places or the events that affect you the most? 

The formation and first occupation fair located in Senegal was a rewarding experience thanks to the curiosity of students about our topics. Brazil and Columbia were really meaningful because of the strong climate issues and the young people’s interest for Life Sciences. Furthermore, the visit of the different schools were really pleasing, especially our LaSallien partners who welcomed us into the best conditions. 

Which countries do the students come from? 

There are 9 represented nationalities in this first i-SAFE promotion. It will be a good balance between French and International students. The coming year, we aim to diversify even more the range of nationalities of our students in order to strengthen the program’s openness.  

What are your projects for the academic year 2019-2020? 

 The goal is to make our school more noticeable at the international level and to keep working with some of our well-known countries. This year, we will focus on Africa and South America, as well as India were we can continue to promote the English and French-taught programs. Our double-degree offer should be more substantial in order to give more opportunities for our students to have all at once a French and an International degree. 

What are the important dates for this coming year? 

For the first semester, the covered zone will be (in the chronological order): USA, India, Columbia, Macedonia, Cameroun, Mexico and Tanzania. Other countries will be taken into account by our actions, so if you are a student interested to meet us on the spot, don’t hesitate to contact us as of now.  

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