At UniLaSalle, mapping is the core of education, with each student spending a minimum of five months in the field during their first 5 years in higher education (“Ingénieur en Sciences de la Terre et Environnement” Program = bachelor and master programs). This time spent on the field enables to build a step by step progress in the complexity of solving problems. Thus, it enables as well to obtain a true assimilation of main concepts within all types of geological formations (sedimentary, plutonic, volcanic, metamorphic …) in various geodynamic contexts (subduction, obduction, intraplate).

The following photos illustrate some field activities on French intraplate volcanoes near La Bourboule (Guery and Sancy stratovolcanoes). During this field camp, 35 graduate students (fourth year) work on a regional mapping project managing and synthetizing in the same time the work of 75 undergraduate students (second year) who play a prospector role. All students are divided into group of 3 or 4 team members. Each group of graduate students supervises 2 groups of undergraduate students. In this way, field camps are an opportunity to develop the organizational and relational skills needed for teamwork collaboration as well as technical geoscience skills needed for such mapping.


Hervé Leyrit et Lucien Corbineau