Between March 26th-29th, the students left the campus for one week of classes in Pisa University. This trip is organized thanks to the Erasmus+ partnership between UniLaSalle and Pisa University.

Flight track from Beauvais to Pisa (Credits: Google Map)

What are the objectives of this week?

This module has been designed to provide an agronomy background to students to understand how farmers may conciliate their yield goals, crop needs and water quality. A focus is also done on the agro-environmental measures that may be used to conserve water quality.


The program of the week consists in an alternation of lectures, excerises and excursions:

  • Course: introduction to Water & Agriculture
  • Course: Hydroponics. The experience of the Department
  • Course and practical:  Irrigation: theory and practice
  • Lab: Water analysis
  • Course and practical: Land reclamation and phytotreatment
  • Visit to the land Reclamation and Irrigation Consortium & the phytotreatment system
  • Visit to the San Rossore estate

We adress a very special acknowledgment to the Italian faculty staff involved in this trip, especialy Nicola Silvestri and Vittoria Giannini.

Field trip to Natural Park of San Rossore

Water analyses at Chemical analysis laboratory

Visit of the greenhouse