Yesterday, the students realized a soilscape around UniLaSalle’s campus. The obective was to sample and describe three different soil types regarding landform and geological settings. Students were trained to use an auger to create drill cores of soil. They were also familiarized with soil description by visual observation and feeling by hand. They were able to fill information about:

  • Location (geology, landform, land cover)
  • Texture by feel
  • Soil moisture/waterlogging
  • Soil color
  • Stone (type and abundance)
  • Redox features

Soils properties are highly variable in time and space and students were able to experience it by themselves. The three soil profiles presented major differences especially in depth and texture because they are located on different landforms (see video below).

Credits: Antonio Hernandez

A shallow soil located on hillslope and developped on chalk bedrock. Credits: Antonio Hernandez


A deep soil located on a plateau and developped on silt deposits (« loess »). Credits: Antonio Hernandez

Learn about this soilscape on this video: